Nothing could be easier. To do this, you need to have a clear idea about the date of arrival and departure, well, and, of course, credit card.

Now, first things first.

The most popular site where you can find a hotel – it www.booking.com. In this case you do not necessarily know English as Booking.com supports dozens of languages, including Russian.

So, we come to the site.

The first step in the “hotel search” select city of residence (such as Venice), date of arrival and departure. Then click “Search”.
In the upper left corner of the site, under the logo, you can select the desired type of currency, which will be displayed in the search results.
You can also choose to sort the search results by price single or double room.
In the left pane, you can sort the search results by:

star rating
Hotel type

In the same (exactly under the name of the city), you can specify the distance in kilometers, where the hotel is located away from the town, if you plan to live in the suburbs, it will definitely be cheaper.
After making the necessary settings, choose the most suitable for the price-quality option.

Next you need to be very careful.

First, if you choose a hotel up to 3 stars, keep in mind that the room does not always have a bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll be very surprised upon arrival to find out that you have the entire floor, for example, one shared bathroom.

Secondly, the note included in the price of accommodation meals (usually breakfast only), and what it is. For example, where the buffet continental breakfast is preferred. The first option involves a wide and unrestricted choice of food and beverages; the second option works on the principle of “eat, they give.”

Well, and, thirdly, be sure to read the terms of booking and cancellation.

To find out what kind of breakfast is included, and what are the conditions of booking, move the mouse cursor to the icon information (shaped as letters «i» in the blue box).
Also check out the bottom of the page with the hotel policies. In this case you should be interested, first of all, information about the time of check-out from the hotel.

Having dealt with the conditions Booking number: select the number of rooms and press the “Book Now”.

Then you proceed to step №2 – you must enter your data, better in English or in the language of the hotel.
Click the button “Continue” and go to step №3: in the upper part of the questionnaire indicate the postal address and telephone number, and the bottom – type and number of credit card holder’s name, expiry date and CVC-code.
Important: To book any foreign hotel card is not necessary to have an entry-level (eg, Visa electron is not suitable for such operations, and now Visa classic is another matter). That is, the card must not be replenished in rubles, for example, as in dollars or euros.

Click “Book Now”.

All hotel booked.

Now go to your mail, open letter from Booking.com and print confirmation of registration, which will be required on arrival at the hotel.

There are shown the details of the hotel and other information.

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